National parks – preserving the natural heritage

Location: Torfhaus / Harz (Germany)
The monument stands for the global task of all national parks and commemorates the “World National Park Convention”, which was carried out on the occasion of EXPO 2000 in Hanover. Between the Harz deep rock gabro, diabase and granite, the motto is written in 30 world languages in the ground around the globe: “National parks – preserve the natural heritage”!

“Lynx Monument”

Location: on the Goetheweg in the Harz National Park/Germany In the nearby forest, the first lynxes were released from the wild in 2000 (200 years after the last Harz lynx was hunted).

“Where the lynx and the rabbit say goodnight”

Location: pedestrian zone in Bad Harzburg/Germany

“Mouflon Group”

Location: Bad Harzburg public spa gardens

“Girl under the umbrella”

Location: Marktwiese Goslar-Sudmerberg (Germany)
Well project with a girl who looks positively into the future – as a descendant of the miners who settled there and who found shelter and home in the Harz mountains.